Presentación de trabajos de estudiantes en INGLÉS

What do you take pictures of? – students from the portfolio development workshop presents their work

When: 4TH OCTOBER 2019 – 19.00H

They first question you get when you tell someone that you are a photographer is “What do you take pictures of?”. Most photographers will not be sure how to answer this actually quite complex question, and many will avoid it by just naming a favourite subject like people or landscapes. During a week long workshop a group of photographers have discussed and practiced how to respond to this question properly and now they will present their answers and their photo projects to you.

Charla en INGLÉS

TALK –The seeing landscape, outdoor cameraless landscape photography by STIG MARLON WESTON
When: 4TH OCTOBER 2019 – 20.00H (approx 1 hour including questions or discussion after or during)

How to photograph without a camera?
How to see the world without eyes?

Stig Marlon Weston wants to use photography to get a glimpse of the world seen from the other side, where interpretation and new understanding is in focus, rather then the photographer´s own need to show their personal viewpoint.

Weston has worked with cameraless and experimental photography in the darkroom for more than 20 years. Parallel to his career as a commercial photographer he has pursued his interest in the medium itself and the way we use it to interpret, organize and explain the world around us.

Combining these interests Weston creates photo projects that are beautiful and unique but also challenges the viewer’s perception of photography and the way they look at the world.

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Stig Marlon Weston

I am interested in how our senses perceive reality before our unconscious interpretation clouds the subjective experience. Can photographs recreate the truth, or manage to depict and clarify the subjective interpretation? An underlying goal of photography is to make you see the world the way the photographer does. I am more concerned with how I can use photography to show myself how I see the world.


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